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Ballot Results

Proposed Standard: Phase III/IV Coordinate Generator Reactive Resources (VAR-001, VAR-002)
Ballot Period: 6/15/2006 - 6/26/2006
Ballot Type: Initial
Total # Votes: 152
Total Ballot Pool: 184
Quorum: 82.61 %  The Quorum has been reached
Weighted Segment Vote:

91.14 %

Ballot Results: The standard will proceed to re-circulation ballot.
Summary of Ballot Results
Segment Ballot
Affirmative Negative Abstain No
# Votes Fraction # Votes Fraction # Votes
1 - Transmission Owners 58 45 0.938 3 0.063 1 9
2 - RTOs, ISOs, and RROs 15 14 1.000 0 0 0 1
3 - Load-Serving Entities 36 21 0.808 5 0.192 1 9
4 - Transmission Dependent Utilities 7 3 0.750 1 0.250 0 3
5 - Electric Generators 32 21 0.840 4 0.160 3 4
6 - Brokers, Aggregators, and Marketers 19 13 0.867 2 0.133 1 3
7 - Large End-Use Customers 6 4 1.000 0 0 0 2
8 - Small End-Use Customers 5 4 1.000 0 0 0 1
9 - Regulators or Other Government Entities 6 6 1.000 0 0 0 0
Totals 184 131 8.203 15 0.798 6 32
Individual Ballot Pool Results
Segment Organization Member Initial Ballot
1 AEP Service Corp -- Transmission System AEP Scott Moore Affirmative
1 Allegheny Power AP Rodney Phillips Affirmative
1 Alliant Energy - TP ALT Kenneth A. Goldsmith Affirmative
1 Ameren Services Company AMSE Peggy L Ladd Affirmative
1 Arizona Public Service-Transmission APST Cary Deise Affirmative
1 Avista Corp. AVA Scott James Kinney Affirmative
1 Baltimore Gas & Electric Company John Moraski Abstain
1 Bonneville Power Administration Transmission BPAT Donald Stephen Watkins  
1 Carolina Power & Light Company CPL Verne Ingersoll II Negative
1 Central Maine Power Company CMP David Mark Conroy Affirmative
1 Cleco Utility Group CLEC Richard Comeaux  
1 Dairyland Power Cooperative DPC Robert Roddy  
1 Dominion Virginia Power VAP William Thompson Affirmative
1 Duke Energy Doug Hils Affirmative
1 Entergy EES George Bartlett Affirmative
1 Exelon Energy Delivery EXC - ComEd & PECO Thomas Robert Hunt Affirmative
1 FirstEnergy Corp Raymond Morella Affirmative
1 Florida Power & Light FPL Marty Mennes Affirmative
1 Great River Energy GRE Gordon Pietsch Affirmative
1 Hoosier Energy HE Damon Holladay Affirmative
1 Hydro One Networks Inc. Ajay Garg Affirmative
1 Idaho Power Company IPCO Ronald Schellberg Affirmative
1 International Transmission Company Jim Cyrulewski Negative
1 LG&E Energy Transmission Services LGEE Bradley Young  
1 LIPA LIPA Richard Bolbrock Affirmative
1 Manitoba Hydro Robert George Coish Affirmative
1 Michigan Electric Transmission Company Charles Waits Affirmative
1 Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. MDU Henry L Ford Affirmative
1 Nebraska Public Power District NPPD Alan Boesch Negative
1 New Brunswick Power Transmission Corporation Wayne Snowdon Affirmative
1 New York Power Authority NYPA Ralph Rufrano  
1 New York State Electric and Gas Corporation NYET Henry G Masti  
1 Northeast Utilities NU David Boguslawski Affirmative
1 Northern Indiana Public Service Company NIPS jcdobes Affirmative
1 Nova Scotia Power NSPI David D Little Affirmative
1 Oklahoma Gas and Electric OKGE Mel Perkins Affirmative
1 Oncor Charles W Jenkins Affirmative
1 Otter Tail Power Company OTP Larry Larson Affirmative
1 Pacific Gas & Electric PGAE Chifong Thomas Affirmative
1 Potomac Electric Power Company PEPW Richard Kafka Affirmative
1 PP&L PAPL Ray Mammarella Affirmative
1 Public Service Electric and Gas Company Colin John Loxley Affirmative
1 Sacramento Municipal Utility District SMUD Dilip Mahendra Affirmative
1 Salt River Project SRP Robert Kondziolka Affirmative
1 San Diego Gas & Electric Co. SDGE Linda P Brown  
1 Santee Cooper SC Terry Blackwell Affirmative
1 SaskPower SPC Wayne Guttormson  
1 Seattle City Light Christopher Mark Turner Affirmative
1 Southern California Edison SCET Dana Cabbell Affirmative
1 Southern Company Services SOCO Horace Stephen Williamson Affirmative
1 Southwestern Power Administration SWPA Stan Mason Affirmative
1 Tampa Electric Company TEC Paul Michael Davis Affirmative
1 Tennessee Valley Authority - Transmission/Power Supply Mitchell Needham Affirmative
1 Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association TSGT Bruce Allen Sembrick  
1 Westar Energy WR Allen Klassen Affirmative
1 Western Area Power Administration - CM WACM Mark Fidrych Affirmative
1 Western Farmers Electric Cooperative WFEC Alan Derichsweiler Affirmative
1 Xcel Energy Gregory Pieper Affirmative
2 Alberta Electric System Operator AESO Anita Lee Affirmative
2 British Columbia Transmission Corporation Phil Park  
2 California Independent System Operator David L Hawkins Affirmative
2 ERCOT Sam Jones Affirmative
2 FRCC Linda Campbell Affirmative
2 ISO New England Inc ISNE Kathleen Goodman Affirmative
2 Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, Inc. Terry Bilke Affirmative
2 Midwest Reliability Organization William J. Head Affirmative
2 New Brunswick System Operator Alden Briggs Affirmative
2 New York Independent System Operator NYIS Gregory Campoli Affirmative
2 New York State Reliability Council Alan Adamson Affirmative
2 Northeast Power Coordinating Council Edward Schwerdt Affirmative
2 Ontario - Independent Electricity Market Operator IMO Don Tench Affirmative
2 ReliabilityFirst Corporation RFC Tim Gallagher Affirmative
2 Southwest Power Pool SWPP Charles Yeung Affirmative
3 Allegheny Power AP Bob Reeping Affirmative
3 Ameren Services Company AMSE Mark Peters  
3 Atlantic City Electric Company James Petrella Affirmative
3 Basin Electric Power Cooperative BEPC Daniel Klempel  
3 Bonneville Power Administration - Power Business BPAP Rebecca Berdahl Negative
3 Chelan County PUD CHPD Kenneth R Johnson  
3 Cleco Utility Group CLEC Bryan Harper  
3 Con Edison Company of New York CEPD Norman Mah Affirmative
3 Consumers Energy CETR David Lapinski Negative
3 Delmarva Power & Light Company DEL Mike Mayer Affirmative
3 Entergy Services ENTE Matt Wolf Affirmative
3 Exelon Energy Delivery EED - PECO & ComEd John Blazekovich Affirmative
3 Fayetteville Public Works Commission FPWC Gary Conrad Negative
3 FirstEnergy Solutions FESC Joanne Kathleen Borrell Affirmative
3 Florida Municipal Power Agency FMPA Joseph Krupar Abstain
3 Florida Power & Light FPL Bob Schoneck Negative
3 Florida Power Corporation FPC Lee G Schuster Negative
3 Georgia Power Company Leslie Sibert  
3 Grant County PUD No.2 GCPD Greg B. Lange Affirmative
3 Hydro One Networks Inc Mike Penstone Affirmative
3 Lincoln Electric System LES Bruce E Merrill Affirmative
3 Louisville Gas & Electric LGE Charles Anthony Freibert  
3 Manitoba Hydro MHEB Ronald Dacombe  
3 MidAmerican Energy Company MEC Thomas C. Mielnik Affirmative
3 New York Power Authority MED Christopher Lawrence de Graffenried Affirmative
3 Niagara Mohawk NMPC Michael Schiavone Affirmative
3 Oklahoma Gas and Electric Gary Clear Affirmative
3 PECO Energy Company John Leonard  
3 Platte River Power Authority TDU PRPA Terry L Baker Affirmative
3 Potomac Electric Power Company PEPW Robert Reuter Affirmative
3 Santee Cooper SC Zack Dusenbury Affirmative
3 Savannah Electric and Power Thomas Harris  
3 SDGE Scott Nephi Peterson  
3 Seattle City Light SCL Dana Wheelock Affirmative
3 South Carolina Electric & Gas Company SCEG Hubert Young Affirmative
3 Tampa Electric Company TEC Ronald Donahey Affirmative
4 Consumers Energy CETR David Frank Ronk Negative
4 Florida Municipal Power Agency FMPA Bill May  
4 Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska John Krajewski  
4 Old Dominion Elec. Coop ODEC Mark Ringhausen Affirmative
4 Seattle City Light SCL Michael Harrison Affirmative
4 Southeastern Power Administration SEPA Carter B. Edge Affirmative
4 WPS Resources Christopher Plante  
5 AEP Service Corporation Brock Ondayko Affirmative
5 Avista Corp. Washington Water Power Division AVWP Edward F. Groce Affirmative
5 Bonneville Power Administration - Power Business BPAP Francis J Halpin Affirmative
5 City of Lakeland PLKT Paul Elwing Affirmative
5 City of Tallahassee TAL Alan Gale Affirmative
5 City Water Light & Power CWLP Karl Kohlrus Affirmative
5 Conectiv Energy Supply CNCT Paul Dwyer Affirmative
5 Constellation Generation Group Michael Gildea Affirmative
5 Dairyland Power Cooperative DPC Warren Schaefer Abstain
5 Detroit Edison Ronald Bauer Negative
5 Dynegy Generation Greg Mason Affirmative
5 FirstEnergy Solutions FESC Kenneth John Dresner  
5 Florida Municipal Power Agency FMPA Steven McElhaney  
5 Florida Power & Light FPL Bob Birch Affirmative
5 Lincoln Electric System LES Dennis Florom Affirmative
5 Louisville Gas & Electric LGE Charles Martin  
5 Manitoba Hydro Marketing MHEM Gerald Koroscil Affirmative
5 Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia MEAG Roger Brand Abstain
5 Oklahoma Gas and Electric OKGE Kim Morphis Abstain
5 Pacific Gas & Electric Company PGEU Richard Padilla Affirmative
5 PPL Generation Mark Heimbach Affirmative
5 Progress Energy - Carolinas Wayne Lewis Negative
5 Reedy Creek Energy Services Bernie Budnik Affirmative
5 Reliant Energy Services RES Thomas Bradish Negative
5 Seattle City Light SCL Michael J Haynes Affirmative
5 Seminole Electric Cooperative SEC Garl Zimmerman Affirmative
5 Southeastern Power Administration SEPA patbob  
5 Southern Company Services SOCO Roger Green Affirmative
5 Tenaska Inc Scott Helyer Affirmative
5 United States Bureau of Reclamation Deborah M. Linke Negative
5 US Army Corp of Engineers Northwestern Division Karl Bryan Affirmative
5 Wisconsin Electric Power Company Linda Horn Affirmative
6 AEP Service Corporation Dana E Horton  
6 Aquila Inc. dba Aquila Networks UCU Mike Apprill  
6 Bonneville Power Administration - Power Business BPAP Brenda S. Anderson Affirmative
6 Carolina Power & Light Company CPL James Eckelkamp Negative
6 Chelan County PUD CHPM Hugh Aron Owen Affirmative
6 Con Edison Company of New York CEPD Rebecca Adrienne Craft Affirmative
6 Dominion Energy Marketing DEMI Lou Oberski  
6 Entergy Services ENTE James Smith Affirmative
6 Exelon Generation Company LLC EXGN Regina Carrado Affirmative
6 FirstEnergy Solutions FESC Edward C. Stein Affirmative
6 Florida Municipal Power Agency FMPA Robert C Williams Negative
6 Manitoba Hydro Electric Board MHEB Daniel C Prowse Affirmative
6 Mirant Services LLC Alan Johnson Abstain
6 OPPD Energy Marketing OPPM David Ried Affirmative
6 Santee Cooper SC Suzanne Ritter Affirmative
6 Seminole Electric Cooperative SEC Trudy Novak Affirmative
6 Southern Company Generation and Energy Marketing SOCO Roman Carter Affirmative
6 Tampa Electric Company TEC Jose Benjamin Quintas Affirmative
6 Western Area Power Administraton UGP Marketing UGPM John Stonebarger Affirmative
7 BOC Gases Mark Zimmerman Affirmative
7 Delphi Don Poole  
7 Eastman Chemical Company Lloyd Byron Webb Affirmative
7 Electricity Consumers Resource Council John Anderson Affirmative
7 Monsanto Gary Kajander Affirmative
7 Weyerhaeuser Tom Yarborough  
8 J Bonner Engineering Services John P Bonner Affirmative
8 Michehl Gent Michehl Gent Affirmative
8 Missouri Office of Public Counsel Ryan Kind  
8 Pennsylvania Office of Consumer Advocate Sonny Popowsky Affirmative
8 State of Maine Stephen Ward Affirmative
9 California Energy Commission William Mitchell Chamberlain Affirmative
9 National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners Diane Jean Barney Affirmative
9 New York State Public Service Commission James T Gallagher Affirmative
9 North Carolina Utilities Commission Sam Watson Affirmative
9 Public Service Commission of South Carolina Philip D. Riley Affirmative
9 Wyoming Public Service Commission Kathleen Lewis Affirmative


 - Denotes vote by proxy

Affirmative Fraction:   # Affirmative Votes / (# Affirmative Votes + # Negative Votes)
Negative Fraction: 
# Negative Votes / (# Affirmative Votes + # Negative Votes)
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Weighted Segment Vote:  (Total Fraction of Affirmative Votes / Number of Segments Included in Vote)