Monthly Summaries
The TLR Monthly Summary summarizes each of the logs invoked for a given month. Each contains the following information:
  1. Log ID - uniquely identifies each incident and is created from the incident date, incident time, Flowgate ID and Reliability Coordinator.
  2. RelCoor - the Reliability Coordinator who invoked the TLR procedure.
  3. Date - the date of the incident.
  4. FGID - flowgate identification number.
  5. Flowgate -  flowgate's name.
  6. StartTime - date and time that the incident began.
  7. ReturnToZero - date and time that the TLR ended.
  8. Duration - the length of time, in hours, the TLR lasted.
  9. HighestLevel - the highest TLR Level invoked by the Reliability Coordinator.
  10. HighestPriority - the highest Transmission Service priority that was curtailed.
  11. MWs - the number of MWs curtailed.
  12. Relief - The total MWhs of relief provided over the duration of the TLR.