ATCFilingtoFERC051702.pdfReport on Actions of the North American Electric Reliability Council Concerning Available Transmission Capacity145 KB
Final-NERC-Standards-Filing-031502.pdfComments of the North American Electric Reliability Council on the Formation of a Standards Development Organization for the Wholesale Electric Industry59 KB
IOS_CoverRef_Doc_022502.pdfRequest for Consideration of Interconnected Operations Services in Standard Market Design Principles868 KB
MRD-RPT.pdfReport on Market Redispatch Pilot Program by NERC Market Interface Committee and Motion to Continue Market Redispatch Program20 KB
NERC_Response_EL0265000.pdfNERC Response to FERC Data Request on MISO-PJM Configuration748 KB
NERC_RM02andPL02REVISED.pdfRevised Comments of North American Electric Reliability Council in Response to Notice of Inquiry on Critical Infrastructure Information, filed March 21, 200220 KB
NERC_Supplemental_Filing_on_Reliability_Technical_Review_of_FERC_Generator_Interconnection_NOPR.pdfNERC Supplemental Filing on Reliability Technical Review of FERC Generator Interconnection NOPR62 KB
NERC-AdditionalComments-082702.pdfStandardization of Generator Interconnection Agreements and Procedures283 KB
RM02-1_061702.pdfNERC Filing on FERC Generator Interconnection NOPR160 KB
20050330_TLR_revisions.pdfOrder Accepting Filing49 KB
ERO_rehearing_order.pdfCritical Energy Infrastructure Information156 KB
ERONOPR.pdfRules Concerning Certification of the ERO (Issued 9/1/05)224 KB
EROPR.pdfRules Concerning Certification of the ERO (Issued 9/1/05)47 KB
final_rule_reliability_Order_672.pdfRules Concerning Certification of the ERO (Issued 2/3/06)3361 KB
PolicyStatementOnEnforcement-10202005.pdfPolicy Statement on Enforcement178 KB