ERO Enterprise Effectiveness Survey

The ERO Enterprise, which is comprised of NERC and the Regional Entities, issues a stakeholder survey as one way to measure the effectiveness of the ERO Enterprise in executing program activities. This survey is issued every other year, on the even years, and is used to identify opportunities to improve ERO Enterprise effectiveness. NERC reports the results of the survey and action items to its Board of Trustees and uses the results to inform ERO Enterprise strategic and business planning activities.


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ERO Effectiveness Survey Results (August 2015).pdfERO Effectiveness Survey Results (August 2015)3/6/20192015
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ERO Effectiveness Survey Results (October 2016).pdfERO Effectiveness Survey Results (October 2016)3/6/20192016
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ERO Effectiveness Survey Report - Supplemental Information.pdfERO Effectiveness Survey Report - Supplemental Information5/15/20192018
ERO Effectiveness Survey - Summary of Results.pdfERO Effectiveness Survey - Summary of Results5/16/20192018