Officer Team




James B. Robb
President and Chief Executive Officer





Sonia Mendonca
Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary 






Manny Cancel
Senior Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the E-ISAC 





Kelly Hanson
Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer






Mark Lauby
Senior Vice President and Chief Engineer





Janet Sena
Senior Vice President, External Affairs





Howard Gugel
Vice President, Engineering and Standards           





 Stan Hoptroff
Vice President, Business Technology   







Andy Sharp
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer                 





Mechelle Thomas
Vice President, Compliance


           Compliance Assurance
           Steven Noess, Director, Regulatory Programs 

Compliance Enforcement
Teri Stasko, Assistant General Counsel and Director of Enforcement 

           Laura Brown, Director, Engagement and Security Policy Coordination
           Matt Duncan, Director, Intelligence
           Eric Hartung, Director, Performance Management
           Bluma Sussman, Director, Engagement          

Engineering and Standards
Tom Coleman, Chief Technical Advisor                          

Reliability Assessment and Technical Committees
John Moura, Director, Reliability Assessment and Performance Analysis  

Situation Awareness and Event Analysis
Darrell Moore, Director, Situation Awareness                          

Corporate Support

Internal Audit
Kristin Miller, Director, Internal Audit

Shamai Elstein, Associate General Counsel
Nina Johnston, Assistant General Counsel

Policy and External Affairs
Fritz Hirst, Director, Legislative and Regulatory Affairs    
Kimberly Mielcarek, Senior Director, Communications