Operating Manual
The Operating Manual includes general information and reference documents on interconnected systems operation.
Note:  The Operating Manual no longer includes the NERC Reliability Standards.  Click here for the complete list of all approved standards.
For more information contact Stephen Crutchfield or call 404-446-2560.
NAESB Business Practices
The following links provide access to the NAESB business practices that correspond to the original Version 0 NERC Reliability Standards. From time to time, NAESB may update these business practices. However, the updated business practices are only available to NAESB members. If you have any difficulties accessing the revised business practices, please call the NAESB office at 713-356-0060 or by email at naesb@naesb.org.
Operating_Manual_20160809.pdfNERC Operating Manual8/9/2016