System Protection and Control Subcommittee (SPCS) Related Files
FERC Order 754 Final Report - SPCS-SAMS.pdf10/20/2015
FERC Order No. 754 - Assessment of Protection System Single Points of Failure Based n the Section 1600 Data Request
NERC - SPCS UAT - FEB_2016_final.pdf7/7/2016
Unit Auxiliary Transformer Overcurrent Relay Loadability During a Transmission Depressed Voltage Condition
SAMS-SPCS_Order 758 Autoreclosing Report_Final.pdf7/21/2014
Considerations for Maintenance and Testing of Autoreclosing Schemes - System Analysis and Modeling Subcommittee & System Protection and Control Subcommittee
Special Protection Systems (SPS) and Remedial Action Schemes (RAS):
Assessment of Definition, Regional Practices, and Application of Related Standards
SPCS _Scope_20170622.pdf6/22/2017
SPCS Scope
SPCS Commissioning Testing Response_Final.pdf5/20/2013
SPCS Commissioning Testing Response_Final
SPCS Gen Prot Coordination Technical Reference Document.pdf7/30/2015
Considerations for Power Plant and Transmission System Protection Technical Reference Document – Revision 2
SPCS Power Swing Report_Final_20131015.pdf10/15/2013
Protection System Response to Power Swings
SPCS Roster.pdf5/21/2018
System Protection and control Subcommittee Roster - May 2018
SPCS_Order 758 Sudden Pressure Report_Final.pdf9/6/2013
Sudden Pressure Relay and Other Devices that Respond to Non-Electrical Quantities - SPCS Input for Standard Development in Response to FERC Order No. 758