NERC is presently undertaking a comprehensive assessment of its activities that is intended to improve the operational effectiveness of the ERO Enterprise while optimizing the value of industry stakeholder participation. The issue of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of stakeholder engagement across the ERO Enterprise was specifically raised by NERC Chair Roy Thilly in a January 4, 2018 Policy Input Letter to the Member Representatives Committee (MRC). In response to industry feedback that was received, the NERC Board of Trustees (Board) called for a comprehensive review of the existing technical committee structure and actions that could be taken to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of those committees.

As a result of that request, a stakeholder engagement team (SET) was formed to review the existing NERC technical committee structure and develop a recommendation. The SET was tasked by the Board and is comprised of members of the Board, leadership and representatives from the MRC, the chairs of the technical committees (Operating, Planning, and Critical Infrastructure Protection), other stakeholder volunteers, and NERC senior leadership, legal, and staff.


RSTC Proposal Industry Webinar

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RSTC Proposal (Approved by the Board of Trustees: November 5, 2019)