Security Integration and Technology Enablement Subcommittee (SITES)

The 2019 ERO Reliability Risk Priorities Report highlighted "Grid Transformation" and "Security Risks" as two of four high level risk categories for the ERO Enterprise and electric industry. At the same time, the operational and technological environment of the electrical grid is evolving significantly and rapidly. To proactively support industry efforts to mitigate possible risks, the NERC Security Integration and Technology Enablement Subcommittee (SITES) will identify, assess, recommend, and support the integration of technologies on the bulk power system (BPS) in a secure, reliable, and effective manner. SITES recognizes the convergence of information and operational technology cited by the RISC and will recommend practices to incorporate cyber and physical security aspects into conventional planning, operations, design, and restoration activities across North America. The goal of the subcommittee is to identify potential barriers (e.g., regulatory, technological, complexity) and support the removal of these barriers to enable industry to adopt emerging technologies and develop cyber-informed engineering practices.

SITES activities are intended to help industry adopt emerging technologies in a secure, reliable, and resilient manner to ensure reliability, security, and resilience of the BPS. This includes a focus on work products that assist in integrating emerging technologies in a manner that complements grid planning, design, operations, and restoration practices.
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