Bulk Power System Remains Highly Reliable, NERC Report Highlights Key Challenges

ATLANTA – In 2020, the North American bulk power system faced numerous challenges, including extreme weather, cyber and physical threats and a rapidly changing generation resource mix, all within the context of a global pandemic. NERC’s 2021 State of Reliability, which looks at past performance, found that the grid continued to perform well, while highlighting key concerns for managing an evolving system, including energy adequacy, sensitivities to weather events and a surge in cyber security attacks.  ​

“Key indicators show that mitigation efforts put in place for critical risks are effectively being addresses,” said John Moura, NERC’s director of Reliability Assessment and Performance Analysis. “However, the unprecedented stressors in 2020 challenged the system and showed us where the weak links are. It’s clear that the resource and energy adequacy, as well as the increasing exposure to extreme weather conditions, is a priority issue for the industry.”


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Posted On: 08/17/2021