ERO Enterprise Launches Align Project and the ERO Secure Evidence Locker

ATLANTA – The ERO Enterprise is pleased to announce the Release 1 launch of the Align tool and the ERO Secure Evidence Locker (SEL) for MRO, NERC and Texas RE. The Align Project, formerly known as the Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program (CMEP) Technology Project, is a culmination of strategic efforts that began in 2014 with the goal of improving and standardizing processes across the ERO Enterprise, enhancing the efficiency of ERO Enterprise operations and improving the effectiveness of executing statutory functions.

Align moves all compliance monitoring and enforcement business processes to a common standardized platform, resulting in a consistent application of the ERO Enterprise CMEP and a more secure method of managing and storing CMEP evidence and data. The ERO SEL — a key component of the reimagined suite of CMEP work and data management tools — provides a secure, isolated environment to collect and protect compliance monitoring and enforcement evidence, significantly reducing risk of loss or exposure of evidence and harmonizing evidence collection processes.

“This is a giant step forward for consistency in our processes and security of the data we handle across the ERO Enterprise,” said Sonia Mendonca, NERC’s senior vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary. “The Align project team — made up of staff from across the ERO Enterprise — has dedicated years to this project and spent the balance of 2020 developing and testing the ERO SEL and preparing training materials. I’m incredibly proud of what we have accomplished. Align will benefit all of industry and will enhance our CMEP efforts.”


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Posted On: 03/31/2021