Fault-Induced Solar PV Tripping Events in Texas: Odessa Disturbance Report Published

WASHINGTON, D.C. On May 9, 2021, the Texas Interconnection experienced a widespread reduction of over 1,100 MW of solar photovoltaic (PV) resources due to a normally cleared fault on the bulk power system (referred to as the “Odessa Disturbance”). While the ERO has analyzed multiple similar events in California, this is the first disturbance involving a widespread reduction of solar PV resources in the Texas Interconnection. The event involved facilities across a large geographic area of up to 200 miles from the location of the initiating fault.

NERC and Texas RE analyzed this event, in coordination with ERCOT, and have documented the key findings and recommendations in the report. The report provides details regarding the initiating event, performance of the bulk power system-connected solar PV fleet during the event, and additional details around the event. The report also describes modeling and studies improvements needed to address the root causes of these issues, which is applicable to all Interconnections. Lastly, the report documents a smaller event involving solar PV resources that subsequently occurred on June 26.

Odessa Disturbance Report

Posted On: 09/16/2021