MRC Elects New Board Member; Board Initiates Cyber Security Standards Project, Releases Annual Report

MANHATTAN BEACH, California – NERC's first Board of Trustees meeting of 2020 focused on governance actions, enhanced effectiveness, cyber standards and achievements. Specific actions included the initiation of a project to modify the Cyber Security Standards to include controls for low-impact cyber systems; approval of the 2020 work plan priorities; and the adoption of several standards modifications.

During their meeting Wednesday, the Member Representatives Committee (MRC) elected Jim Piro to serve on the Board of Trustees. Previously, Piro served as president and CEO for Portland General Electric from 2009 until his retirement in 2017. Prior to that, he was executive vice president and chief financial officer, among other roles, initially joining the company in 1980. Roy Thilly and Suzanne Keenan were re-elected to the Board. All terms are for three years.

The MRC also thanked outgoing Board members Janice Case, David Goulding and Fred Gorbet for their many years of service to NERC and its stakeholders. The Board presented them with resolutions in recognition of their contributions.

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Posted On: 02/06/2020