NERC Publishes Annual Report Highlighting ERO Enterprise Transformation, Effectiveness and Efficiency Efforts

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Assuring a highly reliable and secure grid is NERCs continuous mission. NERCs 2019 Annual Report highlights the ERO Enterprises efforts to assure the effective and efficient reduction of risks to the bulk power system in the face of a changing reliability and security ecosystem. Nearly 400 million North American citizens depend on electricity in their daily lives. Working with users, owners and operators of bulk power system assets, government partners and other stakeholders and industry participants, the ERO Enterprise pursues its mission of assuring the effective and efficient reduction of risks.

Electricity is essential to the quality of our 21st century lifestyle and is delivered by a complex fabric of industry participants, government partners and nongovernmental organizations, writes Jim Robb, NERCs president and CEO. “My objective is to ensure that the ERO Enterprise plays its part in strengthening that fabric for the benefit of all North Americans.

The ERO Enterprise remains committed to achieving its vision of a reliable and secure North American bulk power system  and working as one synchronous machine — effectively, efficiently, and collaborativelyin 2020 and beyond.

Posted On: 02/07/2020