NERC Report Highlights Major Contribution to Reliability Offered by Battery Storage

ATLANTA – NERC’s Impacts of Electrochemical Utility-Scale Battery Energy Storage Systems on the Bulk Power System report was released today. The assessment emphasizes some of the potential reliability benefits that battery energy storage systems can offer, such as providing peaking capacity; minimizing the need for new generation and transmission infrastructure; and providing essential reliability services (e.g., frequency response, ramping and voltage support).

“North America currently has less than 2 GW of battery storage, but that capacity is projected to increase 100 percent to 4 GW by 2023,” said Thomas Coleman, NERC’s chief technical advisor of Engineering and Standards. “The rapid transformation of the transmission grid to meet carbon goals while maintaining reliability, security and resilience is a primary focus for industry and regulators. It is abundantly clear that battery energy storage systems have a key role in accomplishing that goal.”

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Posted On: 02/08/2021