New Board Member Named, 2021 Budgets Approved, Annual Canadian Regulators Meeting Takes Place

ATLANTA – Due to ongoing pandemic conditions, NERC held its second virtual Board of Trustees meeting Thursday. Among key actions, the Board approved the 2021 Business Plans and Budgets for NERC and the Regional Entities and accepted the updated E-ISAC Long-Term Strategy. Prior to the meeting, the Board met with Canadian regulators and the Member Representatives Committee (MRC) elected a new member to the Board.

“This year has reminded us of how critical our mission is and how we must plan and manage the grid to be resilient against varying and extreme events. Fortunately, technology has enabled us to remain fully focused on the reliability and security of the grid during this pandemic. Working together, NERC and the Regional Entities, along with our registered entities and government partners have maintained close coordination, completed tasks and addressed challenges,” said Jim Robb, NERC’s president and chief executive officer, kicking off the meeting. “NERC was early on this watch, with the E-ISAC issuing an alert on COVID-19 in February, among other guidance. And I believe regulatory discretion taken by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), NERC and the Regional Entities has proven helpful as we continue to monitor the ongoing crisis.”

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Posted On: 08/20/2020