Quint Receives ESIG Excellence Award

WASHINGTON, D.C.The Energy Systems Integration Group (ESIG) announced that it awarded Ryan Quint, NERCs senior manager of Advanced System Analytics and Modeling, with an ESIG Excellence Award today. Quint received the award for outstanding industry leadership and contributions to dynamic models for distributed energy resources (DER), IEEE P2800 standard development, IEEE 1547-2018 implementation and grid reliability with the changing generation mix.

“The ESIG is doing very important technical work on the integration of variable energy resources on to the power grid in a manner that enhances reliability, said Jim Robb, NERCs president and chief executive officer. “We are very proud of Ryan, this recognition and of all the NERC staff who have been working with ESIG on these issues, which will only grow in importance as we add more and more wind, solar and eventually large-scale batteries onto the grid.

These awards are presented to energy professionals from around the world for their contributions and accomplishments toward the planning and operation of energy systems across multiple pathways and geographical scales in ways that are reliable, economic and sustainable.

“Ryans work on inverter-based resource designs amplify their application in the bulk power system, added Mark Lauby, NERCs senior vice president and chief engineer. “We want to thank ESIG for recognizing Ryan with their Excellence Award.

Posted On: 03/19/2020