Project 2015-INT-01 Interpretation of CIP-002-5.1 for Energy Sector Security Consortium (EnergySec)

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The final ballot for the Interpretation of CIP-002-5.1 concluded 8 p.m. Eastern, Monday, October 24, 2016. The voting results can be accessed via the link below. The interpretation will be submitted to the Board of Trustees for adoption and then filed with the appropriate regulatory authorities.
EnergySec submitted a Request for Interpretation (RFI) seeking clarity regarding CIP-002-5.1, Requirement 1, Attachment 1, Part 2.1. The Standards Committee accepted the RFI of CIP-002-5.1 at the September 23, 2015 meeting.  Thereafter, the Project Management and Oversight Subcommittee (PMOS) assigned the RFI a medium- to low- priority project. 

Standard Affected: CIP-002-5.1 - Cyber Security — BES Cyber System Categorization

Purpose/Industry Need
The RFI asks whether the language “shared BES Cyber Systems” refers to discrete BES Cyber Systems that are shared by multiple units, or whether instead it refers to groups of BES Cyber Systems that, collectively, could impact multiple units. Essentially, the RFI seeks clarity regarding whether the evaluation required under Requirement R1 should be performed individually for each discrete BES Cyber System at a single plant location, or instead, applied collectively for groups of BES Cyber Systems.
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