Project 2015-INT-03 Interpretation of TOP-002-2.1b for FMPP

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The Standards Committee approved the termination of Project 2015-INT-03 - Interpretation of TOP-002-2.1b for FMPP on March 15, 2017.
On January 20, 2010, FMPP submitted a request for Interpretation of the term “ensure” as used in Requirement R2 of TOP-002-2a and the terms "deliverability/ capability" and “voltage and/or reactive limits” in Requirement R8. The request also seeks clarity on whether the language in Requirement R19 means that the Balancing Authority needs to maintain accurate computer models to analyze and plan to maintain a load-interchange-generation balance.

Requirement R2 of TOP-002-2.1b states the following:

R2: Each Balancing Authority and Transmission Operator shall ensure its operating personnel participate in the system planning and design study processes, so that these studies contain the operating personnel perspective and system operating personnel are aware of the planning purpose.

Requirement R8 of TOP-002-2.1b states the following:
R8: Each Balancing Authority shall plan to meet voltage and/or reactive limits, including the deliverability/capability for any single contingency.

Requirement R19 of TOP-002-2.1b states the following:
R19: Each Balancing Authority and Transmission Operator shall maintain accurate computer models utilized for analyzing and planning system operations.
Standard(s) Affected TOP-002-2a
Purpose/Industry Need
FMPP stated that not having the correct interpretation of this requirement could cause a BA only (BA that is not a TOP) to be found non-compliant with the applicable Requirements.


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