Project 2009-15 Interpretation − MOD-001-1 − Available Transmission System Capability and MOD-029-1 − Rated System Path Methodology by NYISO
The interpretation of MOD-001-1 - Available Transmission System Capability, Requirements R2 and R8, and MOD-029-1 - Rated System Path Methodology, Requirements R5 and R6, for the New York Independent System Operator was approved by the NERC Board of Trustees on November 5, 2009 and will be submitted to FERC for approval.

The request asks the following questions:   Is the "advisory ATC" used under the NYISO tariff subject to the ATC calculation and recalculation requirements in MOD-001-1 Requirements R2 and R8?  If not, is it necessary to document the frequency of "advisory" calculations in the responsible entity's Available Transfer Capability Implementation Document.

Could OSF in MOD-029-1 Requirement R5 and OSNF in MOD-029-1 Requirement R6 be calculated using Transmission Flow Utilization in the determination of ATC.

Interpretation Process:
In accordance with the Reliability Standards Development Procedure, the interpretation must be posted for a 30-day pre-ballot review, and then balloted.  There is no public comment period for an interpretation.  Balloting will be conducted following the same method used for balloting standards.  If the interpretation is approved by its ballot pool, then the interpretation will be appended to the standard and will become effective when adopted by the NERC Board of Trustees and approved by the applicable regulatory authorities.  The interpretation will remain appended to the standard until the standard is revised through the normal standards development process.  When the standard is revised, the clarifications provided by the interpretation will be incorporated into the revised standard. 

Draft Action Dates Results Consideration of Comments
NYISO Interpretation of MOD-001-1,
Requirement R2 and R8 and
MOD-029-1, Requirement R5 and R6
Recirculation Ballot
7/8/2009 - 7/17/2009

Initial Ballot

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5/25/2009 - 6/4/2009
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Pre-ballot Window
4/23/2009 - 5/25/2009
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