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The NERC Standard Processes Manual (SPM) Section 4.6 requires NERC staff to coordinate a Quality Review of the proposed Reliability Standard, Implementation Plan, Violation Risk Factors (VRFs) and Violation Severity Levels (VSLs), in parallel with the development of the proposed Reliability Standard and Implementation Plan to assess whether:

  1. The documents proposed for posting are within the scope of the associated Standard Authorization Request (SAR);
  2. The Reliability Standard is clear and enforceable as written; and
  3. The Reliability Standard meets the criteria specified in NERC’s Benchmarks for Excellent Standards and criteria for governmental approval of Reliability Standards.

The QR Links and Resources on this page provide some of the following suggestions and guidelines for the Enhanced Quality Review.

  • Content questions, which should be considered throughout the development of the standard. The content is the responsibility of the SDT;
  • Quality criteria, which should be considered throughout the development but also specifically considered during a pre-posting review. This is to be addressed by the participants conducting the Quality Review (listed above); and
  • Administrative criteria, which should be specifically reviewed prior to posting for industry comment. This is the responsibility of NERC staff, although the Quality Review may identify some suggestions.

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