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The Reliability Standards Development Procedure contains all the procedures governing the standards development process. During some of the recent Board of Trustees meetings, the board took actions that require conforming modifications to the Reliability Standards Development Procedure:

  • In February 2008, the board acted to support a request to dissolve the Joint Interface Committee.
  • In October 2008, the board directed the Standards Committee to modify the standards development process to address standards developed in response to national security emergency situations.
  • In February 2009, the board directed the Standards Committee to change the standards development process to change the way violation risk factors and violation severity levels are developed and approved. These modifications were proposed by the board’s Corporate Governance and Human Resources committee after posting its proposal for stakeholder comment.

Excerpts from the meeting minutes for each of the above board meetings have been posted at Note that the Standards Committee has several additional suggestions for modifications to the standards development process, but has decided to separate modifications directed by board actions from other modifications.  

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Reliability Standards Development Procedure (RSDP)
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Reliability Standards Development Procedure (RSDP)
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Supporting Materials:
Board of Trustees Actions — October 2008, February 2008 and 2009
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