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The Order No. 754 Data Request portal is closed for data reporting. The NERC System Protection and Control Subcommittee (SPCS) in conjunction with the NERC System Analysis and Modeling Subcommittee (SAMS) is preparing a report of the findings and conclusions. This report will be reviewed by the NERC Planning Committee (PC) for approval and should be finalized third quarter 2015.
Reporting Schedule
Reporting Deadline
End of 1st month
October 5, 2012
Transmission Planners must acknowledge the request for data
End of 6th month
March 4, 2013
Transmission Planners must submit a status report stating percent of work complete
End of 12th month
October 2, 2013
Transmission Planners must report data for buses operated at 300 kV or higher
End of 18th month
March 3, 2014
Transmission Planners must report data for buses operated at 200 kV or higher and below 300 kV
End of 24th month
September 30, 2014
Transmission Planners must report data for buses operated at 100 kV or higher and below 200 kV

The NERC Board of Trustees approved the Order No. 754 Request for Data or Information on August 16, 2012. The data request became effective September 1, 2012 and is applicable to each TP within the United States. While it is not mandatory for registered entities in Canada to respond, Canadian entities are strongly encouraged to submit data so that decisions regarding the concern stated in Order No. 754 can be based on complete data across North America.  Each Generator Owner, Distribution Provider, and Transmission Owner is required to support its TP in completing the steps necessary to obtain the data for reporting.


Order 754 is the Final Rule approving the interpretation of Interpretation TPL-002-0a PacifiCorp (Project 2009-14) regarding requirement R1.3.10. In addition to the approval, the Commission expressed a concern about single point of failure of protection systems and issued a directive for further investigation. From the Order, “…the Commission believes that there is an issue concerning the study of the non-operation of non-redundant primary protection systems; e.g., the study of a single point of failure on protection systems” (P19). In the first part of the directive (P20), the Commission directed FERC staff to meet with NERC and its appropriate subject matter experts to explore this reliability concern, including where it can best be addressed, and identify any additional actions necessary to address the matter. This portion of the directive was satisfied by the October 24-25, 2011 Technical Conference. In the second part (P20), NERC must complete an informational filing within six months of the Order (middle March 2012) explaining whether there is a further system protection issue that needs to be addressed and, if so, what forum and process should be used to address that issue and what priority it should be accorded relative to other reliability initiatives planned by NERC.

Purpose /Industry Need
he participants in the technical conference perceived a reliability concern regarding the comprehensive assessment of potential protection system failures by registered entities.  The group agreed on the need to study if a gap exists regarding the study and resolution of a single point of failure on protection systems. Note: This is not a “redundancy of protection systems” issue. The issue is, do the requirements in the transmission planning reliability standards adequately address the analysis and discovery of a protection system failure in order develop plans to meet the performance requirements for the BES (i.e. TPL-001, 002, 003, and 004).

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Data Reporting

Data Reporting


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Buses 300 kV and above
​9/3/2013 - 10/2/2013
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Buses at 200 kV and below 300 kV
2/3/2014 - 3/3/2014
Extended to 3/6/2014 (Due to technical issues)

Buses at 100 kV and below 200 kV
9/1/2014 - 9/30/2014
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Data Reporting Template
July 12, 2013
Final Board of Trustees
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Order 754 Data Request
Final - Reporting Template
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Approval 8/16/2012 Approved  
Draft 2 - Webinar Slides 6/7/2012 Recording  
Draft 2
Informal Comment Period
5/11/2012 - 6/25/2012 Comments Received>>
Draft 1 - Webinar #2 Slides 1/20/2012 Recording Consolidated Q & A for Webinars 1 and 2
Draft 1 - Webinar #1 Slides 1/5/2012 Recording  
Draft 1

Data Request

Data Reporting Template

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Informal Comment Period

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12/22/2011 - 2/6/2012 Comments Received>>

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Joint SPCS/TIS Meeting
Fort Worth, TX

Draft Presentation to Joint SPCS/TIS December 6-7, 2011

Draft Data Request Outline
Draft Interpretation Request Form

Draft Suggestion Form

  12/6/2011 - 12/7/2011 Final Drafts:

Presentation to Joint SPCS/TIS

Data Request

Interpretation Request Form

Interpretation Suggestion Form

Data Reporting Template
FERC Staff Meeting - Single Points of Failure on Protection Systems

Order 754
FERC Technical Conference


Notice of Staff Meeting

Technical Discussion Summary
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