Bulk Power System Awareness
NERC Bulk Power System Awareness collects and analyzes information on system disturbances and other incidents that have an impact to the North American bulk power system and disseminates this information to internal departments, registered entities, regional organizations, and governmental agencies as necessary. Also, Bulk Power System Awareness monitors ongoing storms, natural disasters, and geopolitical events that may potentially impact or are currently impacting the bulk power system.
Bulk Power System Awareness
Each Bulk Power System Awareness staff member participates as duty officer on a 24x7 rotational basis.
To report bulk power system incidents, contact:  
 System Awareness 24-hour Hotline: 404.446.9780, and press 1 for BPS operational issues.
 System Awareness Email: systemawareness@nerc.net
 System Awareness Fax: 404.446.9770
NERC Alerts
Bulk Power System Awareness is responsible for issuing alerts to NERC registered entities and the electricity sector when NERC discovers, identifies, or is provided with information that is critical to ensuring the reliability of the bulk power system.
To contact the NERC Alert System:  
 NERC Alert Email: nerc.alert@nerc.net
 NERC Alert Hotline: