Human Performance
Human error is often cited as the main cause for up to 80%  of all incidents and accidents in complex, high-risk systems that exist in the aviation, petrochemical, healthcare, construction, mining, and nuclear power industries. Many of the major events that occur in the bulk power system are initially labeled as being caused by individual human error. When the causes of these human errors are broken down further, they reveal that the majority of the errors associated with events stem from latent organizational weaknesses, which are not attributable to one individual.
People, even the very best people, will make mistakes. We have not fully understood an event if we do not see the human’s actions as reasonable (when they are). Through careful and thorough analysis of events and near misses, and most importantly, the subsequent understanding of the root and contributing causes, organizations can prevent future occurrences.
Sound administrative and cultural controls can withstand human error. However, these controls are weakened when conditions are present that provoke error. Eliminating error precursors at the job site, workplace, or organization reduces the frequency or numbers of active errors. Events can be avoided through an understanding of the reasons mistakes occur and application of the lessons learned from past events and near misses. The systematic investigation and evaluation of events in the bulk power system is uncovering many of the latent errors that are dormant in the system. Through the events analysis initiative and the use of Human Performance analysis and applications, the lessons learned and good industry practices are being applied to further improve the reliability of the bulk power system.
Human Performance in Electric Power - Virtual Sessions

Please save the dates and join us for our Human Performance in Electric Power virtual sessions. This collaboration between the Electric Reliability Organization Enterprise, the Human Performance Community of Practice (KnowledgeVine and ResilientGrid) and their mutual partners brings together industry representatives and subject matter experts from across the country to share ideas and transfer knowledge about human performance topics/principles and their application in electric power organizations. 

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2018_HP_Conference_Agenda_and_Bios_posted.pdf2018 Human Performance Conference Agenda and Speaker Biographies3/27/2018
1_Just_Culture_MBay.pdfJust Culture: Strategic, Operational, and Tactical Perspectives. From the Book, to the Board Room, to the FieldMonika Bay3/27/2018
3_Value_of_Trending.pdfValue of TrendingMatt Sacks3/27/2018
5_ComputerBasedSimulations_Presentation 2018.pdfOur Relentless Pursuit: Applying 3D Video/VR/AR "On the Road to Zero"Doug Hill | Brian Doubinin3/27/2018
5_Get_Real-The_Use_of_Animation_and_Augmented_Reality.pdfGet Real – The Use of Animation and Augmented RealityDavid Claussen3/27/2018
8_Maturity_Model.pdfMaturity Model Initial ResultsDr. Pamela Ey3/27/2018
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1_Manager_H&OP_Principles.pdfPrinciples for Managing the Uncertainty of Human Error in OperationsTony Muschara3/28/2018
3_Ah-ha_moments.pdfChanging the Way we Respond to Failure: Some A-ha Moments from our Learning TeamsStephanie Swindle | Jeff White3/28/2018
5_Intentional_Communications.pdfIntentional Communications and Leadership EngagementRob Fisher | Lewis Senior3/28/2018
7_Why_is_it_JUST_So_Difficult.pdfWhy is it JUST so difficult?Dr. Jake Mazulewicz3/28/2018
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2017_HP_Conference_Agenda_Bios.pdf2017 Human Performance Conference Agenda and Speaker Biographies3/28/2017
3-PDC_Mod_1115_NATF_Panel.pdfThe PDC Model:  Where are you in the Journey?L.D Holland | Pat Fischer | Laura Redenshek | Chris Overman3/28/2017
5-Three_Strategies_Jake.pdfResolving the Confusion: How the Three Opposing Models of HPI Make Sense TogetherJake Mazulewicz3/28/2017
7-Employee_Engagement_and_Reliability_RShah.pdfEmployee Engagement and ReliabilityRiz Shah3/28/2017
expand Meeting Date : 3/29/2017 ‎(7)
1-2017_NERCNATF_Coaching_Presentation1_LDH.pdfCoaching, Making Adjustments before HalftimeL.D. Holland3/29/2017
4-Activating_Human_Performance_Programs_MLegatt.pdfActivating Human Performance Programs and Avoiding Perverse IncentivesDr. Michael Legatt3/29/2017
6-nercatl17_CHart.pdfCorrection is a Team EndeavorChris Hart3/29/2017
11-WECC_HPWG_2017)Update_DBywaters.pdfWECC Human Performance Work Group UpdateDeveny Bywaters | Norman Szczepanski3/29/2017
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Speaker_Bios_2016_HP_Conference.pdfSpeaker Biographies3/30/2016
1 - NERC_HP_TConklin.pdfPre-Accident Investigations: Better QuestionsDr. Todd Conklin3/30/2016
4 - NERC HP Event Learning Case Study - JWhite.pdfIncident and Event Learning - Panel DiscussionJeff White3/30/2016
8 - MLegatt - NERC Improving Human Performance on the Grid 2016.pdfDesigning for ExcellenceDr. Michael Legatt3/30/2016
10 - NERC_HP_2016_PxC_Final - BPrier.pdfPutting the Human into the DesignBen Prier3/30/2016
expand Meeting Date : 3/31/2016 ‎(10)
1 - Rob Fisher - Creating Sustainability.pdfSustainability: You Got It Started, How Do You Keep It Running?Rob Fisher3/31/2016
5 - HP Conference 2016 - CLazzaro.pdfNever Underestimate the Power of the E-Side: E-Learning the Applied Fiction WayChris Lazzaro3/31/2016
8 - SMART Feedback - SHeino.pdfSMART FeedbackShari Heino3/31/2016
9 - NERC 03_31_16 Final - TAdam.pdfChanging Culture not Changing HumansTim Adam3/31/2016
11 - WECC HPWG Update 2016 - DBywaters.pdfWECC Human Performance Work Group UpdateDeveny Bywaters3/31/2016
expand Meeting Date : 3/17/2015 ‎(9)
Improving Human Performance on the Grid - Agenda.pdfAgenda - Improving Human Performance on the Grid3/17/2015
1 - Explain, Predict, and Change Human Behavior.pdfExplain, Predict, and Change Human BehaviorJames Merlo3/17/2015
3 - Not Because I Said So - Shari Heino.pdfNot Because I Said SoShari Heino3/17/2015
6 -1 hour Rob Fisher NERC 3-15.pdfE-Colors:  Tools might be the same but people are differentRob Fisher3/17/2015
8 - WECC HPWG March 2015 Update - Deveny Bywaters.pdfIndustry EngagementsRon Fenex/Deveny Bywaters3/17/2015
expand Meeting Date : 3/18/2015 ‎(7)
3 - NERCMarch2015 Culture and Reliability Shah_R.pdfCulture and ReliabilityRizwan Shah3/18/2015
5 - nercatl15 - Chris Hart.pdfBetter Reliability Through Collaboration: An Aviation Industry Success StoryChris Hart3/18/2015
8 - NERC Presentation Field to Boardroom.pdfThe Power of Observations: From the Field to the BoardroomDominic DiBari3/18/2015
expand Meeting Date : 3/18/2014 ‎(12)
Agenda-Improving_Human_Performance_on_the_Grid_20140317.pdfImproving Human Performance on the Grid - Conference Agenda3/18/2014
Excellence in Human Performance.pdfExcellence in Human PerformanceShane Bush3/18/2014
Just Culture Workshop Notes.pdfJust Culture Chart Circuit Exercise - "What Gets in the Way"Monika Bay3/18/2014
AAR - 26 March 2014.pdfAfter Action ReviewsJake Mazulewicz3/18/2014
NERC-Fatigue-MacKenzie (clean).pdfFatigue and Human PerformanceCheryl MacKenzie3/18/2014
NASPI_Silverstein.pdfSynchrophasor technology and human performance in the control roomAlison Silverstein3/18/2014
expand Meeting Date : 3/19/2014 ‎(12)
NERC 2014 David Bowman.pdfOrganizational EffectivenessDavid Bowman3/19/2014
CRM_NERC_Presentation.pdfCrew Resource ManagementRed Smith3/19/2014
NERC general session.pdfSustaining Reliable Human PerformanceEarl Carnes3/19/2014
NERC2_2014_Future of Human Performance CLEAN.pdfThe Future of Human PerformanceTim Autrey3/19/2014
WECC 2014.pdfWECC - 2014 Human Performance Work GroupJohn Patton/Ron Fenex3/19/2014
2014 NERC HP Conf Kent Peterson.pdfHuman Performance Improvement InitiativeKent Peterson3/19/2014
expand Meeting Date : 3/26/2013 ‎(6)
Improving Human Performance on the Grid - Agenda 2013.pdfImproving Human Performance on the Grid - Conference Agenda3/26/2013
1 Dr. James Merlo HP Presentation - March 26 2013.pdfImproving Human Performance: Building a Culture of High ReliabilityDr. James Merlo3/26/2013
3 SHAPING A JUST CULTURE WORKBOOK 26 Mar 2013.pdfShaping a Just Culture WorkbookDr. Patrick Sweeney3/26/2013
expand Meeting Date : 3/27/2013 ‎(13)
5 NERC Presentation_March2013_Final_Abridged_Sec.pdfIs Error-Free Possible for Transmission?Dr. Chong Chiu3/27/2013
6a SPCWP 4700 Isolation [1].pdfBGE - Isolation & Barrier Process when Testing Relay and Control EquipmentDaniel Tobin3/27/2013
6c Job Performance Measure NERC 2013.docBGE - Job Performance Measure PlanDaniel Tobin3/27/2013
7 TF37-110 Overview Rodney Krause.pdfEPRI Project 37.110 Power Switching Safety and ReliabilityRodney Krause3/27/2013
10 NERC HU Conference HU Leadership Tools.pdfHuman Performance Leadership Tools - A Commercial Nuclear Industry PerspectiveBrian Baskette3/27/2013
13 LDH Risk Presentation for NERC HP Conf. 2013.pdfRisk Recognition and MitigationLD Holland3/27/2013
14a The WECC Human Performance Work Group  2013.pdfWECC Human Performance Work Group 2013: HP Initiatives in ActionRobert D. Schwermann/Ron Fenex3/27/2013
expand Meeting Date : 3/28/2013 ‎(13)
16 Muschara NERC 3-27-13.pdfStrategic Approach to Managing Human Performance RiskTony Muschara3/28/2013
18 Establishing the near miss reporting system Bob Schwermann.pdfEstablishing the National Electrical Workers Near-Miss Reporting SystemRobert D. Schwermann3/28/2013
20 Failure to rescue Earl Carnes.pdfFailure to Rescue: The Illusion of PreventionEarl Carnes3/28/2013
22 Venayagamoorthy_March 28 2013.pdfSituational Intelligence in Control CentersDr. G. Kumar Venayagamoorthy3/28/2013
25 TVA - HRC Presentation Dr Gary Kaufman and Doug Bailey.pdfRecruiting, Selecting, Training, and Placing Operators: An Integrated SystemDr. Gary Kaufman/Doug Bailey3/28/2013
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Speaker_Bios_2012.pdfSpeaker Biographies3/27/2012
1-Human Performance Fundamentals James Merlo.pdfThe Science Behind the Human Performance ToolsDr. James Merlo3/27/2012
3-NERC HP Conference Trust 27 Mar 12 Sweeney.pdfBuilding Trust in OrganizationsDr. Patrick Sweeney3/27/2012
expand Meeting Date : 3/28/2012 ‎(13)
Reliability Risk Management - Drift Concept HP Conference.pdfReliability Risk ManagementEarl Shockley3/28/2012
Hours of Boredom.pdfHours of Boredom - Moments of Terror: Temporal Desynchrony in Military and Security Force OperationsDr. Peter Hancock3/28/2012
LD Holland - NERC HU Presentation.pdfUtilizing “Case Studies” to Improve Human Performance through Innovative Training MethodsLD Holland3/28/2012
NERC March 2012 final Earl Carnes.pdfOrganizational Inrospection: Analysis/SensemakingEarl Carnes3/28/2012
Chuck Mowll Joint Commision Healthcare.pdfSentinel Event Reporting, Analysis and Prevention in HealthcareChuck Mowll3/28/2012
Ben Marguglio Presentation - Defining Human Error and Its Causal Factors.pdfDefining Human Error & Its Causal FactorsBen Marguglio3/28/2012
Norm Dev NERC 03-12.pdfHidden Hazards: Imminent DangerTom Harvey3/28/2012
expand Meeting Date : 3/29/2012 ‎(13)
Dominion Work Zone Kit (3-25-12).pdfElectric Transmission Work Zone Identification KitMichael Carden3/29/2012
2012 Human Error Tool Presentation Final KEH.pdfHuman Performance Tools: NU TransmissionKevin Harris3/29/2012
TVA  Human Performance Program.pdfTVA Human Performance ProgramJ. Patrick O'Neil3/29/2012
SA for Power T D-HFES.pdfSituation Awareness in the Power Transmission and Distribution IndustryDr. Mica Endsley3/29/2012
Legatt - NERC 2012 - Improving Human Performance on the Grid.pdfHuman Factors and Situation Awareness in the Control RoomDr. Michael Legatt3/29/2012
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