​​The Transmission Availability Data System Working Group (TADSWG) implements a uniform approach to reporting and measuring North American BES transmission inventory, availability, and other related reliability data. TADS training will be in person only presented in a participation oriented lecture style. The training will include items such as an introduction to TADS, how data submitted to TADS is used by the ERO and can be used by the industry, troubleshooting submission errors, analyzing and coding events, and the data submittal process into the Open Access Technology International (OATI) webPortal.

Training is intended for all members of industry with roles relating to TADS; data gathering persons, data entry persons, data quality review persons, etc. The presentations will be posted digitally if participants wish to print them. Base required materials will be provided, however attendees are encouraged to bring additional reference material.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Learn the essentials of cause coding transmission outages
  • Learn effective methods for avoiding common hurdles and best practices for TADS reporting
  • Learn what the data you are submitting is being used for
  • Contribute suggestions for future analytics and metrics that best benefit the industry  


 Training News

​​TADS Virtual Training - November 9, 2021 | 10:00 a.m. - 3:00p.m. Eastern


TADS_101_Training_October_2020.pdfTADS 101 Training 10/23/2020
TADS_201_Training_November_2020.pdfTADS 201 Training11/6/2020
NERC_TADS_201_Reference_Guide.pdfTADS 201 Training - Reference Guide11/10/2020

Recorded TADS Training:

TADS 101 Training Session (held on October 28, 2020)

TADS 201 Training Session (held on November 12, 2020)