Project 2015-03 Periodic Review of System Operating Limit Standards

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The FAC Periodic Review Team provided its final recommendation to the Standards Committee on August 19, 2015.

Project 2015-03 Periodic Review of System Operating Limit Standards reviewed FAC-010, FAC-011, and FAC-014 standards to ensure the requirements are clear and unambiguous. The three NERC Reliability Standards in this periodic review project contain requirements for determining and communicating System Operating Limits 
Standard(s) affected: FAC-010-3 System Operating Limits Methodology for the Planning Horizon | FAC-011-3 - System Operating Limits Methodology for the Planning Horizon | FAC-014-2 - Establish and Communicate System Operating Limits
Purpose/Industry Need
The NERC Standard Processes Manual (see section 13) obligates NERC to conduct Periodic Reviews on standards that have not been reviewed within the past ten years, and in some cases within the past five years. NERC has responded to regulatory and industry guidance by incorporating into its Periodic Review process principles of results-based standards drafting and a review of each standard in relation to other standards to eliminate duplicative requirements. Additionally, Periodic Reviews will evaluate whether each standard is clear, concise, and technically sound given current technologies and system conditions, whether any regulatory directives require specific changes to the standard, and whether the requirements that do little to ensure the reliability of the Bulk-Power System should be eliminated. Periodic Reviews also will consider previously-captured stakeholder-identified issues pertaining to the affected standards.
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