Project 2015-04 Alignment of Terms

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Final ballots for each of the proposed Glossary terms concluded 8 p.m. Eastern, Monday, September 14, 2015. Voting results can be accessed via the links below. The Glossary terms will be submitted to the Board of Trustees for adoption and then filed with the appropriate regulatory authorities.


As outlined in the SAR, the purpose of this project is to align the defined terms found in the NERC Glossary of Terms Used in Reliability Standards (Glossary) and the Rules of Procedure (ROP). In completing this work, the SDT identified all existing defined terms that are contained in both the Glossary and the ROP (“cross-over terms”). Currently there are fifty-five (55) cross-over terms, a complete list of which can be found in Attachment 1 to the “Proposed Revisions to Align Cross-Over Terms” document. Of the fifty-five (55) cross-over terms, forty (40) contain inconsistencies or differences in the definition narratives, which causes industry confusion and may lead to inconsistent interpretation or application of the meaning of a term. Consistency between the defined terms in the Glossary and the ROP will enhance reliability by providing the owners, users and operators of the BES, as well as the ERO Enterprise, with a better understanding of the terminology used in the Glossary and the ROP. To achieve this consistency, the SDT is proposing alignment revisions to twenty-six (26) Glossary terms and sixteen (16) ROP terms. Additionally, once the definition revisions are made, the standards drafting team (SDT) will also develop recommendations regarding how to enhance the current definition development processes in the Standards Process Manual and ROP to prevent misalignment or inconsistencies during future development of defined terms.

From the complete list of cross-over terms, the drafting team identified those cross-over terms that contained definitional differences. After analyzing these definitional differences, the standard drafting team (SDT) identified common alignment issues and categorized the terms into different “groups” based upon the type of alignment issue identified. A summary of the groupings can be found in Part II of the “Proposed Revisions to Align Cross-Over Terms” document.

The SDT undertook substantial background research before determining whether alignment revisions were appropriate for each of the cross-over terms under consideration, including an examination of the history of the term’s definition, previous drafting teams’ intent, relevant NERC filings to FERC, and any FERC orders approving the term’s definition. Additionally, the SDT examined how each term is used in the Glossary, Reliability Standards, and ROP provisions. Based on this thorough examination, the SDT determined whether revisions were appropriate. In some instances, the SDT concluded that alignment revisions were not appropriate due to differing application of the terms in the Glossary and/or ROP. Also, for a number of terms, the SDT identified areas where the definition language could be improved, given industry usage. For such terms, the SDT will develop a Standards Authorization Request (SAR) outlining the identified issues, and the team’s proposal for how to address each issue. Of the fifty-five (55) cross-over terms, forty (40) contain inconsistencies or differences in the definition narratives. To achieve consistency and alignment of these cross-over terms, the SDT is proposing revisions to twenty-six (26) Glossary terms and sixteen (16) ROP terms.    
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Term 38:
Reliability Coordinator
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Term 13:
Distribution Provider
Term 28:
Load-Serving Entity
Term 38:
Reliability Coordinator
Term 52:
Transmission Planner
Term 54:
Transmission Service Provider


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