Project 2020-06 Verifications of Models and Data for Generators

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The revised SARS were accepted by the Standards Committee on July 21, 2021. The Standard Drafting Team will begin revisions to MOD-026 and MOD-027.

The NERC Inverter-based Resource (IBR) Performance Task Force (IRPTF) undertook an effort to perform a comprehensive review of all NERC Reliability Standards to determine if there were any potential gaps or improvements. The IRPTF identified several issues as part of this effort and documented its findings and recommendations in the “IRPTF Review of NERC Reliability Standards White Paper," which was approved in March 2020 by the Operating Committee and the Planning Committee (now part of the Reliability and Security Technical Committee (RSTC)). Among the findings noted in the white paper, the IRPTF identified issues with MOD-026-1 and MOD-027-1 that should be addressed. The RSTC endorsed the SAR on June 10, 2020.

Consistent with the IRPTF recommendations, the scope of the proposed SAR includes revisions to NERC Reliability Standards MOD-026-1 and MOD-027-1. Standards MOD-026-1 and MOD-027- 1 require, among other things, Generator Owners to provide verified dynamic models to their Transmission Planner for the purposes of power system planning studies. Both standards contain language that is specific to synchronous generators that is not applicable to IBRs. The IRPTF recommended revisions to clarify the applicable requirements for synchronous generators and IBRs. As such, the SAR proposes revisions to MOD-026-1 and MOD-027-1 to clarify requirements related to IBRs and to require sufficient model verification to ensure accurate generator representation in dynamic simulations. The Standards Committee accepted the SAR and authorized posting at its September 24, 2020 meeting.

Standard(s) Affected MOD-026-1 Verification of Models and Data for Generator Excitation Control System or Plant Volt/Var Control Functions | MOD-027-1 Verification of Models and Data for Turbine/Governor and Load Control or Active Power/Frequency Control Functions

Purpose/Industry Need
Project 2020-02 Transmission-connected Dynamic Reactive Resources SAR was posted from March 30 to May 13, 2020, and members of a SAR DT were solicited. However, Project 2020-02 was paused indefinitely, and a SAR DT was not appointed. Subsequently, a second SAR involving similar standards, namely MOD-026 and MOD-027, was being drafted by the IRPTF and approved for posting in September 2020 by the Standards Committee. The Project 2020-06 Verifications of Models and Data for Generators SAR will be posted for industry comment, and additional nominees with MOD-026/027 background will be sought. A single SAR DT will be charged with determining whether to combine the two projects and drafting a combined SAR.

See Project 2020-02 Transmission-connected Dynamic Reactive Resources for additional purpose statement.

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Standard Authoriz​ation Request (transmission-connected dynamic reactive resources)
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Accepted by the Standards Committee07/21/21
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