Project 2020-02 Transmission-connected Dynamic Reactive Resources

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The Standards Committee appointed the Standard Authorization Request (SAR) drafting team members at its September 23, 2021 meeting. The team will review all responses received during the comment period and make appropriate revisions to the SAR. 

The potential risk of increasing amounts of reactive power being supplied by nonsynchronous sources was identified in NERC's 2017 Long-term Reliability Assessment. In response to the concern, the Planning Committee (PC) assigned the System Analysis and Modeling Subcommittee (SAMS) to study the issue. The SAMS developed the Applicability of Transmission-Connected Reactive Devices white paper, which was approved by the PC at its December 2019 meeting. The PC Executive Committee reviewed the draft SAR from SAMS at its January meeting and subsequently approved the SAR by email vote ending on February 11, 2020. The SAR was posted for industry comment March 30 – May 13, 2020, and drafting team member nominations were solicited. However, the project was temporarily paused before a SAR drafting team was appointed​.

Standard(s) Affected
MOD-025, MOD-026, MOD-027, PRC-019, and PRC-024

Purpose/Industry Need
Dynamic reactive resources used to provide Essential Reliability Services (ERS) in the BES include generation resources (rotating machine and inverter-based) as well as transmission connected dynamic reactive resources (power-electronics based). Existing Reliability Standards for verifying the capability, modeling and performance of dynamic reactive resources are only applicable to Facilities comprising generation resources. Augmenting the applicability of these standards to include (nongeneration) transmission-connected reactive resources, both rotating machine (i.e. synchronous condenser) and power-electronics based, will enhance the BES reliability by ensuring that the capability, models and performance are verified and validated for all varieties of dynamic reactive resources utilized in providing ERS in the BES.




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