Project 2021-06 Modifications to IRO-010 and TOP-003

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The informal comment period for the Project 2021-06 Modifications to IRO-010 and TOP-003 Standard Authorization Request concluded 8 p.m. Eastern, Friday, August 6, 2021.

Once a drafting team is formed, the comments will be reviewed and the next steps of the project determined.

The primary purpose of this project is to simplify administrative burdens identified by the SER Phase 2 Team associated with the current IR0-010-2 and TOP-003-3 standards and limit unnecessary data requirements that do not contribute to BES reliability and resiliency. As written the standards create a zero-defect expectation for each Registered Entity receiving a data specification to demonstrate perfect performance on every item in the data specification for an entire audit period. This can result in unnecessary administrative burdens for the Registered Entity to demonstrate compliance, including excessive data retention. If instead a risk-based approach was developed and performance was triggered upon an event or unresolved data conflicts between entities, then the purpose of the standards would be achieved in an effective and efficient manner.

The secondary purpose of this project is to evaluate removing other data exchange requirements dispersed in other standards. The drafting team would need to evaluate those requirements after proposed changes to the IR0-010 and TOP-003 are developed to determine if they are within the scope of the four tasks and consequently within the scope of IRO-010 and TOP-003. This may require enhancing the standards to allow each Registered Entity with responsibilities to perform the tasks identified in IRO-010-2 and TOP-003-3 the ability to request and receive any information it needs from other Registered Entities to perform those tasks.

Standard(s) Affected:
IRO-010-2 and TOP-003-3

​Purpose/Industry Need
The proposed project will enhance the effective and efficient administration of operational data exchange for the purpose of focusing operating personnel on safe, secure and reliable operations.




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