Project 2017-05 NUC-001-3 Periodic Review

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The 45-day formal comment period for the preliminary recommendations included in the Project 2017-05 NUC-001-3 Periodic Review Template concluded 8 p.m. Eastern, Monday, January 29, 2018.
The purpose of this project is to conduct a periodic review of one Nuclear Plant Interface Coordination (NUC) Reliability Standard. The periodic review comprehensively reviews standards to evaluate, for example, whether the requirements are clear and unambiguous. The periodic review will include background information, along with any associated worksheets or reference documents, to guide a comprehensive review that results in a recommendation that the Reliability Standard should be: (1) reaffirmed as is (i.e., no changes needed); (2) revised (which may include revising or retiring one or more requirements); or (3) withdrawn.
The Periodic Review team will use the grading from the Standing Review Team as an input to their work. If a Periodic Review team recommends changes to a Reliability Standard(s), the Standing Review Team will re-grade and post the revised draft standard(s) for stakeholder comment. The results of the re-graded standard will then accompany the standard recommendation when it is presented to the Board of Trustees for adoption.

Purpose/Industry Need
The purpose of this standard is to require the coordination between Nuclear Plant Generator Operators and Transmission Entities for the purpose of ensuring nuclear plant safe operation and shutdown.

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12/15/17 – 01/29/18
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05/10/17 – 05/23/17