Project 2021-01 Modifications to MOD-025 and PRC-019

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The SAR DT was appointed at the July 21, 2021 Standard Committee meeting. The SAR DT will review industry comments and make necessary revisions to the PRC-019 and MOD-025 SARs.​ ​

The PPMVTF developed this SAR to revise MOD-025-2 to address issues regarding verification and data reporting of generator active and reactive power capability. As stated in the SAR, implementation of the standard has rarely produced data that is suitable for planning models (i.e., the stated purpose of the standard). The current MOD-025-2 verification testing activities require significant time, expertise, and coordination; however, they do not result in data that should be used by planners for modeling purposes. The SAR aims to retain testing activities are useful and focus on more effective means of collecting useful data for planning models. The Reliability, Security, and Technology Committee (RSTC) endorsed the SAR on October 19, 2020.

PRC-019-2 addresses the reliability issue of miscoordination between generator capability, control systems, and protection functions. However, PRC-019-2 was developed with a bias toward synchronous generation and does not sufficiently outline the requirements for all generation resource types. The proposed Standard Authorization Request (SAR) aims to address a number of issues identified by the SPCS and revise the standard to be inclusive of all types of generation resources. The SAR was endorsed by the NERC Planning Committee (PC) on March 4, 2020.

The MOD-025-2 and PRC-019-2 SARs were accepted and authorized for informal posting at the January 20, 2021 SC meeting.

The appointed SAR DT will also determine how to addresses the applicable scope of Project 2020-02 Transmission-connected Dynamic Reactive Resources, which also seeks to modify MOD-025-2 and PRC-019-2. See Project 2020-02 Transmission-connected Dynamic Reactive Resources for additional background.

Standard(s) Affected
MOD-025-2 Verification and Data Reporting of Generator Real and Reactive | PRC-019-2 Coordination of Generating Unit or Plant Capabilities, Voltage

Purpose/Industry Need
The proposed revisions to PRC-019-2 and MOD-025-2 are described in the respective SARs.

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