Compliance Assurance
The focus of NERC’s compliance program is to improve the reliability of the bulk power system (BPS) in North America by fairly and consistently enforcing compliance with NERC Reliability Standards. Specifically, the program is designed to ensure that the right practices are in place so that the likelihood and severity of future system disturbances are substantially reduced, while recognizing that no standards or enforcement process can fully prevent all such disturbances from occurring.
The Compliance and Certification Committee (CCC) provides guidance and support for the program.​
The NERC Compliance Assurance department is responsible for the development and implementation of a compliance monitoring program to promote the reliability of the BPS. To help fulfill its responsibilities, and in accordance with the dictates of FERC, NERC delegated certain responsibilities to qualified Regional Entities to monitor and enforce compliance with NERC Reliability Standards. The Regions, through their respective delegation agreements, are responsible for administering their Regional Entity Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program in accordance with the applicable requirements of the NERC Rules of Procedure. Any delegation of these compliance monitoring and enforcement activities to a Regional Entity is subject NERC’s oversight.
The Regional Entities utilize several methods to carry out their compliance functions, including regularly scheduled compliance audits, spot checks, and self-certifications. Registered entities are subject to audit for compliance with all NERC Reliability Standards applicable to the functions for which it is registered. Registered entities should have a working familiarity with the NERC Rules of Procedure, the Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program for their respective Regional Entity, and other regional documents.  Links to each of the Regional Entity websites are located below.