Organization Certification
Organization Certification Program
NERC maintains an Organization Certification Program, the goal of which is to ensure that organizations that apply to register or are registered to perform certain reliability functions meet or exceed minimum criteria demonstrating their capability to perform their incumbent tasks. These reliability functions include the Reliability Coordinator (RC), Balancing Authority (BA), and Transmission Operator (TOP)—all of which are deemed particularly crucial to the reliability of the bulk power system. The process for organization certification is included in Section 500 and Appendix 5A of the NERC Rules of Procedure.
The certification process shall be completed within nine months of the application acceptance date unless otherwise agreed by all parties involved in the process and approved by NERC. After the entity has been awarded certification, the Regional Entity shall notify all applicable entities as to the date that the entity may begin its operation as a certified entity. The entity must commence operation within 12 months of certification. Failure to begin operation within the 12-month period shall require the entity to reapply for certification.
The certification process documents and supporting templates are available in the Certification Process Documents category in the table below. Entities applying or registering for the RC, BA, or TOP functions may refer to these documents to gain a clear understanding of the process and know what to expect.
Entities with questions regarding organization certification should contact the appropriate Regional Entity or email NERC at
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