Risk-Based Registration Initiative
NERC launched the Risk-Based Registration (RBR) Initiative to ensure that the right entities are subject to the right set of applicable Reliability Standards, using a consistent approach to risk assessment and registration across the ERO. The goal is to develop enhanced registry criteria, including the use of thresholds and specific Reliability Standards applicability, where appropriate, to better align compliance obligations with material risk to Bulk Electric System reliability. The proposed enhancements reduce unnecessary burdens by all involved while preserving Bulk Electric System reliability and avoiding causing or exacerbating instability, uncontrolled separation, or cascading failures.

Risk-Based Registration Advisory Group (RBRAG)

NERC established the Risk-Based Registration Advisory Group (RBRAG) to provide high-level and strategic input and advice for the RBR design and implementation plan. RBRAG is comprised of staff representatives from NERC, Regional Entities, and FERC, along with industry representatives from the United States and Canada. Ad hoc sub-groups within RBRAG are tasked with exploring how the risk-based initiative will affect the following function groups: Distribution Provider/Load-Serving Entity, Transmission Owner/Transmission Operator, Generation Owner/Generation Operator, and Purchasing-Selling Entity/Interchange Authority.

An Advisory Task Force was created to support and work in tandem with RBRAG. The task force’s primary goal is to design risk-based methods and corresponding standard applicability. Initially, the task force was comprised of members from NERC staff and the Regional Entities. Industry subject matter experts were then added to the task force to strengthen the technical breadth and experience.

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